Action A.1: Priority habitat mapping

Action A.2: Geo-environmental, hydrogeological and geochemical study of the areas of temporary ponds (3170*)

Action A.8: Elaboration of specifications for priority habitat protection

Action A.9: Study of the population status of five Annex I Greek resident mountain bird species: Alectoris graeca, Dryocopus martius, Dendrocopos leucotos, Picus canus and Aegolius funereus

Action A.10: Study of the priority mammal species Ursus arctos* for the determination of management specifications

Action A.11: Stakeholder consultation and development of a communication and participation strategy

Action A.12: Determination of governance structure and legal status of the areas of the target habitats and species

Action C.3: Grazing management and woody vegetation clearing for the restoration of temporary ponds (3170*) and mountain grasslands (6210*, 6230*)

Action C.5: Restoration of Juniperus foetidissima forests (9560*)

Action C.7: Ex situ conservation and propagation of keystone species of target habitats

Action C.8: Annex I bird conservation actions

Action D.2: Monitoring the impact of management on mountain grasslands (6210*, 6230*)


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