Grey-headed Woodpecker. (Photo: Nikos Petrou)

The Grey-headed Woodpecker is a poorly known species in Greece occurring in only a few locations of the mainland. The population on Mt. Oiti is the southernmost in the country and isolated from the northern ones.

Silene sp. (Photo: G. Politis)

From the end of winter till the autumn, colourfull wildflowers adorn the meadows, the forest openings and the peaks of Mt. Kallidromo. Our knowledge about them continously increases.




Looking east from Alykaina. (Photo: Nikos Petrou)

In late autumn storms often march across the uplands of Mt. Oiti, creating a very dynamic interplay of light and shadows, fog and clouds.

 In the juniper forest. (Photo: G. Politis)

On July 26, 2013, the External Monitoring Team carried out an inspection of filedwork on Mt. Oiti, with positive results.



Observation of the floristic composition around the lake Nevropoli on Mt. Kallidromo  (Photo: Christos Georgiadis)

Fieldwork is well under way in the project areas and several scientific teams study the priority species and habitats.

Viola poetica (Photo: G. Karetsos)

In the spring and summer months countless wildflowers are in bloom, and the grasslands of Mt. Oiti are awash in colour.

Brown Bear. (Photo: Nikos Petrou)

In Greece the Brown Bear is present in two distinct geographic locations. The minimum population size is estimated at 190 individuals, of which some 130 are found in  the western and some 30 in the eastern area.

Tengmalm's Owl. (Photo: Nikos Petrou)

The Tengmalm's Owl is rare in Grece, occuring in only a few localities: Mt. Oiti, nearby Mt. Parnassos, Mt. Olympus, Mt. Grammos and the Rodopi massif.

White-backed Woodpecker. (Photo: Nikos Petrou)

The White-backed woodpecker is a montane speceis, thinly distributed over most of mainland Greece, from the central Peloponnese northwards.


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