Organization of seminar in Gorgopotamos

Photo:Christos Georgiadis

Successfully organized from 20 to 22 June 2019 by the Institute of Mediterranean and Forest Ecosystems (IMDO) of ELGO "DIMITRA" short term  training - seminar for informing farmers (breeders and beekeepers) about of the mountain pastures of Oiti and their rational management - Quality and certification of products »in Gorgopotamos Fthiotida. At the beginning of the seminar, the President of HAO "DEMETER" Professor Nikolaos Kattis  addressed the participants. Mr. Athanasios Bakalexis, Senior Advisor of HAO "DEMETER", Director of the Mediterranean and Forest Ecosystem Institute of ELGO DIMITRA Dr. Konstantinia Tsagkari,  the president of  Management Body of Mt Oiti, Kallidromo and Sperchios Mr. Spyros Rizos and the member of the Board of Directors. of the Bee Association of Lamia "The Bee" Mr. Panagiotis Margaritis. The seminars included lectures by Service Agents, Researchers and Association Representatives on "Actions to improve the mountain pastures of Oiti and their rational management - Quality and product certification". Specifically, LIFE + Nature ¨ForOpenForests¨ project recommendations were presented by LIFE ForOpenForests Project Manager Mr Christos Georgiades, the results of the actions for grazing the mountainous pastures of Oiti and suggestions for the implementation of Rational Management Madzana, the bear and livestock by Arcturos expert Ms Melina Avgerinou, forest management and beekeeping by the BoD Member. of the Bee Association of Lamia "H MELISSA" Mr. Panagiotis Margaritis, the nozzles and other tree crops from the Experimental Investigator of the Department of Endodontics of ELGO "DIMITRA" by Dr. John Manthos, edited by Dr. Dr Nikolaos Chorianopoulos, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Agricultural Technology of HAO DEMETER, controls and certifies PDO products of animal and plant origin from the Scientific Directorate of the Directorate General Quality Assurance of Agricultural Products of ELGO "DIMITRA" Mrs. Virginia Fintani, Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy in Fthiotida by the Head of the Regional Directorate of Thessaly - Central Greece of the OPEKEPE Program Mr. Athanassios Nathirios Valeriis Rural training of HAO "DEMETER" Mr. Athanasios Bourletsikas.

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