Progress of the project in April 2018

Action C.4

Monitoring of the fencing works and the water level in Nevropoli pond after winter period.

Action C.5

Collection of stroboli of Juniperus foetidisima trees from Giona mountain although the colour of strobili was not ready but the seeds had already been formed embryo. The sowing method, which was applied in Cyprus, will be also applied in these selected stroboli. Due to unsufficient quantities of strobili in Oiti mountain, project team decided to collect stroboli from Giona mountain.

Action C.7

Scoring of seed germination experiments for Anthoxanthum odoratum (Livadies-26.06.2016), Brachypodium pinnatum (Gkioza-14.07.2016), Carex ovalis (Livadies-03.08.2016), Galium verum (Livadies-14.10.2016), Luzula multiflora (Livadies-27.07.2016), Luzula spicata (Alykaina-03.08.2016), Nardus stricta (Livadies-27.07.2016), Phleum alpinum (Livadies-27.07.2016), Potentilla recta subsp. laciniosa (Gkioza2-K1-27.07.2016), Prunella laciniata (Gkioza2-27.07.2016), Rumex acetosella (Livadies to Greveno-27.07.2016) and Heliotropium supinum (Nevropoli-10.09.2016).

New seed germination experiments at alternating temperatures (20/10 °C), under white light and in darkness, for Achillea crithmifolia (Gkioza1-30.08.2016), Alopecurus gerardii (Livadies-27.07.2016- only under white light), Bellardiochloa variegata (Livadies-27.07.2016), Chrysopogon gryllus (Isomata-14.07.2016), Festuca sp. (Livadies-30.08.2016), Festuca sp. (Isomata-28.06.2016), Hieracium hoppeanum (Greveno-14.07.2016), Hypericum barbatum (Livadies-03.08.2016), Luzula spicata (Greveno-03.08.2016), Nepeta nuda (Gkioza1-27.07.2016- only under white light), Rhinanthus pubescens (Greveno-14.07.2016), Silene roemeri subsp. macrocarpa (Livadies-03.08.2016), Stipa capillata (Gkioza2-28.06.2016) and Xeranthemum cylindraceum (Isomata-14.07.2016).

Seed germination is also being tested at constant temperatures (15 °C), under white light and in darkness, for Achillea crithmifolia (Gkioza1-30.08.2016), Festuca sp. (Livadies-30.08.2016), Hypericum barbatum (Livadies-03.08.2016) and Silene roemeri subsp. macrocarpa (Livadies-03.08.2016). Moreover, the effect of cold stratification on seed germination, under white light and in darkness, is being examined for the above-mentioned species as well as Hieracium hoppeanum (Greveno-14.07.2016), whereas the effect of warm stratification is also being tested for Hypericum barbatum (Livadies-03.08.2016) and Silene roemeri subsp. macrocarpa (Livadies-03.08.2016).

Action D.1

Trip to the temporary pond of Louka (Mt. Oiti) to monitor the germination status of the outplanted species (Myosurus minimus, Ranunculus lateriflorus, Veronica oetaea*)

Action E.1

Preparation of the opening ceremonies (2 local events) of the two Environmental Information Centres. The events will be organized on 18 and 19 May 2018.

Action E.4

Sub-action 2: Educational and training of stakeholders in sustainable grassland management in accordance to the aims and the results of the project

Preparation of the papers to be presented in the 9th Panellenic Rangeland Congress to be held in Larissa next October.

Action F.5

On 18th and 19th networking meetings were organized in Athens and in the project area with the Life project LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038 “Protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie”.

April, 2018

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