Progress of the project in October 2017

Action C.3

Several meetings have been held in order to decide about the implementation of this action in case that a two-year extension of the project will be officially approved.

Action C.5

Establishment of the Monitoring and Control plots for illegal logging of Juniperus foetidissima near to the Special Signboards, in Tsouka and Fakitsa locations.

Action C.7

Preparation of maps with the measurements for fir reduction and release for Juniperus foetidissima trees.

Trip for collecting seeds of the plant species Heliotropium supinum and Verbena supina from Nevropolis (3170*) at Kallidromo, on October 10, 2017.

Action D.2

Further processing and evaluation of the collected field data on species composition and biomass were carried out.

Action D.3

Import of field data (about the monitoring of the results of fir cuttings and necrosis) into a suitable form for further processing and for presentation on mission of Ms Koutsolioutsou in Oiti on 30-10-2017

Action D.4

On 23rd and 24th  of October a visit was organized in Oiti in order to monitor the impact of the innervations in the three locations on the population of Alectoris graeca.

Action E.5

Participation of LIFE11 NAT/GR/1014 (“FOROPENFORESTS”), represented by Christos Georgiadis, Pinelopi Delipetrou and Alexandra Solomou, at the LIFE Platform Meeting Reintroduction of species: a tool for the restoration of habitats 11-12 October 2017, Botanical Garden of Meise (Belgium).

Action F.1

On 30th of October the mission 2017 was organized in Oiti.

November, 2017

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