Progress of the project in January 2018

Action C.3

Deliberations were made on how to implement the decisions taken in the December Scientific Committee for the maintenance and use of the enclosures on the two mountains during the extension period of the project.

Action C.4

Monitoring of the fencing works in Nevropoli pond that have been progressed but not finished yet due to the weather conditions.

Action C.5

Investigation of Juniperus foetidissima strobili quantity in Oiti mountain. It seems that the quantity is not enough and it will probably turn to the neighbouring mountain of Giona for collecting juniper seeds in order to apply the sowing method that was applied in Cyprus.

Action C.7

Seed cleaning and removal of empty seeds from the seedlots of the Poaceae grassland species, using seed aspirator.

Literature review on seed germination of 27 mountain grassland species (6210*, 6230*).

Action D.2

Abstracts were prepared based on the data collected in the framework of the project and submitted to the Organizing Committee of 9th Panellenic Rangeland Congress to be held in Larissa on October 2018.

Action F.1

Several contacts with Ministry of Environment and Energy in order to update the Standard Data Forms of the Natura 2000 network areas.

February, 2018

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