Wildflowers of Mt. Oiti

Viola poetica (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Astragalus sempervirens cephalonicus (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Asperula boissieri (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Edraianthus parnassicus (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Allium phthioticum (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Alkanna graeca ssp. graeca (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Scorzonera purpurea peristerica  (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Astracantha thracica parnassi  (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Pterocephalus perennis perennis (Photo: Nikos Petrou)
Rhinanthus pubescens  (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Gentiana lutea (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Rhynchocorys elephas (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Cerastium candidissimum  (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Gagea graeca (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Arabis bryoides (Photo: G. Karetsos)
Dianthus tymphresteus (Photo: Nikos Petrou)
Dianthus  biflorus (Photo: Nikos Petrou)
Lilium calchedonicum  (Photo: Nikos Petrou)

In the spring and summer months countless wildflowers are in bloom, and the grasslands of Mt. Oiti are awash in colour.

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