Progress of the project in August 2017

Action C.3

Planning for the activities to be continued at the extension period of the project. Contacts with the Region of Central Greece for the establishment of fences in the Nevropoli pond.

Action C.5

Import of field data into a suitable form for further processing.

Action D.2

Data processing collected in the Mouria temporary pond. Collection of field data in the burnt treatments of Oiti was not eventually carried out in the beginning of the month as planned due to the unexpected car breakdown as the research team was ascending the mountain. It will be done in the beginning of the next month.

Action D.3

Import of data into a form suitable for further processing.

Action E.1

Organization of one local event in Kallidromo. On 23th of August organized a visit to Kallidromo, o total of 60 people walked from Eleftherochori till  Nevropoli temporary pond where the project team informed them about the actions of the project.

Action E.4

Preparation of the program of the 6th one 2-day educational and training seminar for farmers (stockbreeders, beekeepers and other farmers) at Mendenitsa village. Selection of tutors and planning of seminar field trip.

Action F.1

Submission of the Progress Report 2. 

September, 2017

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