Progress of the project in September 2017

Action C.3

It was decided to repeat the grassland treatments (cutting of grass overgrowth on Mt. Oiti and shrub and weed clearing on Mt. Kallidromo) as well as to move the exclusion cages on both mountains in this autumn (2017). This will provide more data for monitoring and evaluation after end of activities in view of the project extension for two years.

Action C.4

Removal of alien species and weeds (i.e. Echinochloa crus galli, Xanthium spinosum, Cynodon dactylon, Cirsium vulgare) from the temporary ponds (3170*) of Nevropolis, Mourouzos and Mouriza of Kallidromo, during three separate visits.

Action C.5

Import of field data into a suitable form for further processing.

Action D.1

Monitoring of the temporary ponds (3170*) of Nevropolis, Mourouzos and Mouriza of Kallidromo, on September 8-10, 2017, by Irini Vallianatou and Ilias Dimitriadis.

Action D.2

Field data regarding species composition and biomass were collected and evaluated in the burnt areas of Oiti. 

Action D.3

Import of data into a form suitable for further processing.

Action E.1

Α meeting was held at the Center of Environmental Education of Stylida-Ypati. Planning for student educational visits to both Oiti and Kallidromo during 2017 and 2018.

Action E.5

Participation of EKPA in the 15th Panhellenic Scientific Conference of the Hellenic Botanical Society which was held at Chania, Crete (Greece) on September 14-17, 2017, with oral presentation by Evelina Skourti entitled “Seed germination in Mediterranean temporary ponds (3170*): the case of two annual Ranunculaceae”.

October, 2017

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