Progress of the project in November 2017

Action A.3

On November 23rd, we also visited the temporary pond (*3170) of Livadies at Ethnikos Drymos Oitis, and the temporary ponds (*3170) of Mourouzos and Mouriza of Oros Kallidromo to collect water samples to complement the studies of the fauna.

Action C.1

After the end of the fencing works by the contractor in the temporary ponds of Livadies and the Greveno. The two locations were visited by the IMFE and HSPN to assess the quality of works. The respective fencing works have been started in Nevropoli ponds.

Action C.5

Trip on November 11th, to the temporary pond (*3170) of Louka of Ethnikos Drymos Oiti and the temporary ponds (*3170) of Oros Kallidromo (Mourouzos, Mourouza and Nevropolis) for seeding mixture of seeds from the key species of the temporary ponds.

Action C.5

Establishment of the last Control plots for measurements for fir control. Preparation of maps with the monitoring plots of measurements for fir control.

Action C.7

Two trips, on November 9th and November 23rd, to Oros Kallidromo and particularly to the temporary pond (*3170) of Nevropolis for collecting seeds from the plant species, Verbena supina.

Action D.2

Further processing and evaluation of the collected field data on species composition and biomass were carried out. A paper on the traditional allocation of summer pastures among farmers in Neochori of Oiti has been prepared and sent for publication.

Action D.3

Survival and growth monitoring for grafted Juniperus foetidissima plants in Trapeza.



December, 2017

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