Progress of the project in January 2017

Action C.3

Evaluation of the treatments applied in Oiti and Kallidromo for controlling invading shrubs and weeds in grazed and non-grazed forest openings.

Action C.4

Monitoring of the effectiveness of the erosion control works around the temporary pond of Nevropolis, especially after heavy winter rain.

Action C.5

Conservation and plant care works of the remaining cypress plants. Continuation of implementation of Cyprus production method of Juniperus foetidissima plants. Finalization of the modification request according to External monitor’s comments as well as justification for the pilot establishment of Juniperus foetidissima plants with provenance from Troodos (Cyprus) to Mt. Oiti..

Action C.7

Ongoing germination experiments. Start of seed treatments for the production of plants for pot planting.

Action C.10

Experts from ELGO DEMETER sent their comments to Mr Georgios Politis on the proposed Legislative Framework  for Mount Kallidromo.

Action D.2

Further analysis of the plant data collected in the summer of 2016. Review of literature related to animal activities in forested habitats.

Action F.1

On January 17th, the administrative financial team met in order to discuss and evaluate the EC’s letter (12/01/2017 ENV-D-4 MD/KP/sp).

Action F.2

Preparation of the 4th meeting of the Stakeholder Committee ‘s members. The meeting will be organized on March.

Action F.5


Contact with conservation and temporary pond specialist Dr. Emilio Laguna (University of Valencia Spain) and arrangement for his visit to Mt. Oiti and Mt. Kallidromo in June 2017 and a visit of the FOROPENFORESTS team to temporary pond conservation sites in Valencia.

February, 2017

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