Seeding of key species of temporary ponds in Kallidromo

On 04.02.2017 the team of Dr. Irene Vallianatou was completed  the "autumn" seeding in temporary ponds of Kallidromos in the framework of Action C.4 which is being implemented by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The task was repeatedly postponed on the temporary ponds due to this year's weather conditions changed from the dry phase of the ice very quickly. Along with Ms Valianatou contributed to sowing colleagues Dimitris Bouboukis and Thanasis Komninos. In particular the team sowed the key species of temporary ponds of Verbena supina, Heliotropioum supinum and Myosurus minimus. The seeds were provided by UoA and have been collected in the framework of Action C7.

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