Progress of the project in July 2016

Action C.3

Completion of licensing procedures for the fencing of the temporary ponds Mouriza and Mourouzos on Mt. Kallidromo and Louca on Mt. Oiti.

Task assignment and procurement of fencing materials under standard specifications so that work may start immediately.

Maintenance of the collars used in the survey of bovine activities during 2015 carried out.

 Search for air photos and satellite images to be used for investigation of the temporal land use/cover changes continues.

Action C.4

Ms Eirini Vallianatou and a team of collaborators (external assistance) repeated the removal of thistles and other invasive plants alien to the habitat 3170* at the ponds of Mourouzos, Mouriza, Nevropoli, and Louka (16–17 July).

Completion of: i) the licensing procedures ii) the final study iii) the budget based on quantity calculation for the erosion control measures around the Nevropolis pond on Mt. Kallidromo.

Action C.5

Loss estimation of new grafted cypress plants; conservation and plant care works of the newly grafted and the remaining cypress plants.

Continued implementation of the Cyprus production method for Juniperus foetidissima plants, especially regarding seed treatment (cold moist stratification and planting directly in the soil) but in relatively limited quantities.

Delimitation of the sampling area. Implementation of logging or necrosis of specific Abies trees (young or adult individuals) at Matakia and Tsouka on Mt. Oiti, in order to diminish competition with Juniperus foetidissima trees.

Design of signs for the protection and long term restoration of Juniperus foetidissima forests and their habitats was completed.

Action C.7

Field trip for seed collection: collection of the seeds of the typical temporary pond species Limosella aquatica and Ranunculus lateriflorus (Livadies); and of the typical mountain grassland species Brachypodium pinnatum, Prunella laciniata, Festuca  jeapertii, Nepeta nuda (Gkioza), Chrysopogon gryllus, Xeranthemum cylindraceum (Isomata), Phleum alpinum, Nardus stricta, Luzula multiflora, Alopecurus gerardii, Bellardiochloa variegata, Rumex acetosella (Livadies), Dianthus tymphresteus (Greveno). Ongoing germination experiments.

Action C.10

On July 8, Mr. Georgios Politis, subcontractor for the Action, had an extensive discussion with Ms. Delipetrou and the scientific team at the UoA, regarding the content of the action and the requirements for the legal documents. On July 13, Mr Georgios Politis presented the general content of the legal documents to the project team.

Action D.1

Fences are not in place yet in any of the ponds. However, monitoring for the habitat 3170* and counts of the population of Veronica oetaea* took place in the ponds of Livadies, and Greveno. A visit took place to check the Veronica oetaea* population at the pond of Alykaina.

Action D.2

Field work was conducted on Mt. Oiti to monitor the vegetation restoration treatments. Specifically, cover, species composition and biomass were measured within and outside the 33 grazing cages, as well as cover and species composition in the cut/no cut  treatments.  Initial analysis of the biomass data collected in June.

Action D.3

Establishment of sampling areas in Matakia and Tsouka areas; supplementation of monitoring protocols on the established sampling areas.

Action D.5

Two field visits took place on July 9 and 23 at beehives where electric fences had been installed, after arrangement with the beekeepers, as well as to the wild fruit tree plantations.

·         Most of the beehives had not been moved to the project area due to bad weather conditions, while some of those installed during June were removed from the project area (there was no effective flowering of plants in the area). Only 14 electric fences were found installed, out of 30 provided. After contacts with beekeepers and the Management Authority of Oiti NP there are 4 new requests for electric fences. 

·         A meeting with the contractor who planted the fruit trees took place on 23th of July, and an agreement made to water the plants until the end of July.

·         During July no bear presence was recorded in the project area. 

Action E.4

Preparation of the first 3-day educational and training seminar (Dates: 12-14 September 2016) for farmers, stockbreeders and beekeepers, to be held at Molos.  Data of stockbreeders, beekeepers and other farmers are available, as well as the tutors for the first seminar. Posters, invitations and website announcements for the seminar were prepared.

Action F.1

On July 13, the project team held a meeting in the offices of HSPN to plan efforts to complete delayed activities.


August, 2016

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