Progress of the project in June 2016

Action A.4

Collection of new soil samples for the soil seedbank.

Action C.3

-Supplementary cutting of thistles during the vegetative growth stage in the cut/no cut treatments of Kallidromo was carried out to prevent the production of seed heads and thus ensure their control at the end of the growing season. Preparation for and presence in the Mission 2016 held at the end of the month.

- Final arrangements for fencing of the temporary ponds of Mouriza and Mourouzos on Mt. Kallidromo and Louca on Mt. Oiti.

Action C.4

Ms Eirini Vallianatou and a team of colleagues (external assistance) removed thistles and other invasive plants alien to the habitat 3170* at the ponds of Mourouzos, Mouriza, Nevropoli, and Louka. Mentha pulegium transplants were planted on the spot and seeds of Myosurus minimus were shown at the cleared areas.

Final arrangements for the erosion control measures at and around the Nevropolis pond on Mt. Kallidromo.

Action C.5

Conservation and plant care works of the newly grafted and the remaining Cypress plants.

Continued application of the Cyprus production method for Juniperus foetidissima plants, especially in seed treatment (cold moist stratification and planting direct in the soil) for relatively limited quantities.

Delimitation of the sampling area. Implementation of logging or necrosis of specific Abies trees (young or adult individuals) at Fakitsa on Mt. Oiti, in order to reduce competition with Juniperus foetidissima trees.

Replacement of failed trees in the Trapeza site with grafted Juniperus foetidissima plants


Action C.7

Seed collection of the typical temporary pond species Myosurus minimus (Greveno) and of the typical mountain grasslands species Anthoxanthum odoratum (Livadies), Stipa capillata (Gkioza), and Festuca jeanpertii (Isomata). Ongoing germination experiments.

Action C.10

On June 13, Mr. Georgios Politis, subcontractor for the Action, had an extensive discussion with Mr. Alexopoulos and his scientific team at UoA, regarding the content of the action and the requirements for the legal documents.

Action D.1

Fences are not in place yet in any of the ponds. However, monitoring for the habitat 3170* and counts of the population of Veronica oetaea* took place in the ponds of Livadies, and Greveno. Check of Veronica oetaea* population at the pond of Alykaina.

Action D.2

Further analysis of the collar data for the animal activity collected in 2015 was carried out. Field work was conducted in Kallidromo to monitor the vegetation restoration treatments. Specifically, cover, species composition and biomass were measured within and outside the 30 grazing cages, as well as cover and species composition in the cut/no cut treatments.  Preparation for and presence in the Mission 2016 held at the end of the month.

Action D.3

Supplementation of monitoring protocols on the 2 established sampling areas in Fakitsa.

Monitoring of the planted Juniperus foetidissima in Matakia and in Trapeza

Action D.4

During June, 17 of the artificial nests were monitored by HSPN staff. These nests had not been used. The three areas of Alectoris graeca were also monitored.

Action D.5

A field visit took place on June 4 at beehives where electric fences had been installed, after arrangement with the beekeepers. 11 beehives/electric fences were visited. However, a large number of beehives had not been moved to the project area because of adverse weather condition that affected flowering of the plants; therefore not all provided electric fences were installed. Some of the installations were visited during the Mission, on June 30.

The areas where fruit trees had been planted were visited both on June 4 and 30. No watering was needed because of good rains during the second half of June. There is constant communication with the contractor for watering during July, depending on the weather.

During June no bear presence was recorded in the project area. 

Action E.1

On June 1 and 2 educational excursions were organized to Mt. Kallidromo.

Action E.4

Preparation completed for two 3-day educational and training seminars for farmers at Molos and Ypati to take place in September. Data of stockbreeders, beekeepers and other farmers are available, as well as the tutors for the first seminar.

Action F.1

On June 29 and 30, the Mission 2016 took place in Oiti and Kallidromo. 

July, 2016

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