Networking with the project LIFEforBirds

On 16 and 17 of May, 2016 we welcomed members of the project team LIFE13 NAT / CY / 000176 «Improvement of lowland forest habitat for birds in Cyprus» (, in the framework of Action F.4,  networking with other LIFE and non-LIFE projects.
The activity of networking included meetings at the offices of HSPN and Managing Body of Oiti National Park and visits to the field, in Kallidromo and Oiti. In the offices of HSPN representatives of the two projects presented the actions and the results. The visit to the project area began with a meeting in the offices of the Managing Body of Oiti National Park, where its experts presented the activities of the Managing Body for the protection of the area. The Cypriot delegation visited Oiti and Kallidromo and was able to get informed concerning actions undertaken in the field by members of the ForOpenForests project team.

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