Progress of the project in April 2016

Action C.3 

Preparations for additional interventions on Mt. Kallidromo in order to facilitate better control of the weeds, mainly thistles, in the summer.

Action C.5

Hedging, conservation and plant care works for the newly grafted and the remaining cypress plants.

Continued implementation of the Cyprus production method of Juniperus foetidissima plants, especially in seed treatment.

Action C.9

 After the final approval of the Special Study by the Forestry Service of Fthiotida planting of the wild fruit trees was carried out in April. After the contacts with the community presidents of the villages around Mt. Oiti, the Management Authority of National Park of Oiti and the Beekeepers Association of Lamia, provision of the electric fences to individual beekeepers took place on April 28.

Action D.2 

Statistical analysis and evaluation of the data collected from the animals that carried the GPS collars during the study period of 2015 continued.

Action D.3 

Monitoring of the Juniperus foetidissima planted in Matakia and in Trapeza locations after the winter period.

Action D.5

A field visit tool place on April 28 in the area of the habitat improvement with fruit trees. The first inspection shows that, because of the unusually dry spring season, watering may be needed during the next two weeks. During the field visit no signs of bear presence were found, and no bear sightings for the first four months of 2016 were reported during the meeting for the provision of the electric fences with the beekeepers.

Action E.1 

Preparation of the program for students’ educational excursions to Mt. Kallidromo.  


May, 2016

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