Networking meeting between LIFE JunEx and LIFE ForOpenForests in Prespes region

From 29 to 31 March 2016, networking and exchange of knowledge and experiences, was  held, from the implementation of the Life + project "Restoration and Conservation of Greek Forests habitat in Prespa National Park" and Life + "Conservation of priority forests and forest openings priority in "Ethnikos Drymos Oitis" and "Otos Kallidromo" of Sterea Ellada". The meeting was successful and held in the offices of the Society for the protection of Prespa in “Laimos” and habitats of Juniperus excelsae.  In the meeting, activities and progress of the project LIFE + JunEx and the results achieved until today were presented. In the meeting several experts presented such as Eirini Koutseri (MSc) in the meeting room and Anita Logotheti in the field from the Society for the protection of Prespa, Dr. Petros Kakouros from EKVY, Dr. Konstantinia Tsagari-Associate Scientific Director of the program, George Mantakas (DSPU) and Dr. Alexandra Solomou from Hellenic Agricultural Organization "DEMETER", Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems. 

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