Progress of the project in February 2016

Action C.1

Τhe contract for the implementation of the Action was signed.

Action C.3

Dealing with the protection from grazing of an area burned in a past forest fire, which is included in the study area of Kallidromo.

Action C.5

Collection of Juniperus foetidissima strobili from Μt. Giona (production too low). Attempt to implement the sowing method applied in Cyprus. The reason for collecting in Mt. Giona is the complete absence of fruits in Mt. Oiti (no strobili production).

Conservation and plant care works of the grafted and non-grafted cypress plants.

Action C.6

Τhe contract for the implementation of the Action was signed.

Action C.9

In addition to the contacts with the Forestry Service of Fthiotida about the official approval of the Special Study for planting the wild fruit trees, further contacts were made with the Central Forestry Service of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. A proposal from the Ministry was sent, on 26/02/2016, regarding completion of the procedure and final approval of the Special Study by the Forestry Service of Fthiotida.

Action D.2

Statistical analysis and evaluation of the data collected from the animals that carried the GPS collars during the study period of 2015 continued.

Action D.3

Planning of the measures resulting from Action A.7 for each project area.

Action E.4

Preliminary contacts for the organization of the two 3-day educational and training seminars for farmers.

Action F.1

Preparation of the Mid-term Report (MtR). 

March, 2016

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