Progress of the project in September 2015

Action C.5

Completion of the works (separation and removal) related to the cypress plants with rejected grafts and dried plants.

Continuing work (conservation, plant care, watering, weeding) for the grafted cypress and the remaining cypress plants.

Completion of the administrative procedures for ordering 500 Juniperus foetidissima plants from Cyprus and for their transportation in appropriate wooden pallets by air.

Action C.7

Seed collection from Mt. Oiti of few Cotoneaster integerrimus plants, but not from Crataegus orientalis, because seeds were still green.

Scoring of seed germination experiments (including cut-tests and addition of 1,000 ppm GA3) for Ranunculus lateriflorus (collection sites - dates:
Livadies - 23.06.2013), Polygonum sp. (collection sites - dates: Greveno – 13.08.2013), Myosurus minimus (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014), Limosella aquatica (collection site - date: Livadies -
23.06.2013) and Juncus bufonius (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014).
For Polygonum sp. (collection sites - dates: Greveno – 13.08.2013), Limosella aquatica (collection site - date: Livadies - 23.06.2013) and Juncus bufonius (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014): a) seed transfer, of initial experiments, after 3 months of chilling to the initial incubation temperature and b) new seed germination experiments at 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 20/10, 25/15 and 30/20 °C, under white light and in darkness, after 3 months of chilling.

Action C.8

Preparation for the placement of the remaining artificial nests. Site investigation and preparation for grass cutting to be carried out in order to improve Alectoris graeca habitat in the two sites recommended by the expert ornithologist.  

Action C.10

Preparation of the content for a meeting of the scientific teams scheduled for October 2015.

Action D.2

Biomass data were collected again from the treatments on Mt. Oiti to investigate whether any plant growth occurred in the summer, after July when the planned plant measurements were carried out. Monitoring of the movements of the ten cows equipped with GPS collars continued on the Mt. Kallidromo; evaluation of the collected data begun and the first results were produced. Findings indicate that the Papaioannou herd moved only in the vicinity of one pen (night resting point) during the whole summer while the Dalaris herd changed areas and pens as it moved from lower to higher altitudes.

Action F.1

ARCTUROS officially announced that the Stavros Niarchos Foundation will sponsor them by contributing the co-financing amount for the project (30.000 Euro).


October, 2015

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