Presentation of the project in a conference organised by the Municipality of Amfiklia - Elatia

15 & 16/11/2012  Presentation of the project in the conference organized by the Municipality of Amfiklia–Elatia

The project manager, Mr. Christos Georgiadis, presented the project LIFE11NAT/GR/1014 “ForOpenForests” in the Conference titled "Tourism Development: the alternative identity of the Municipality of Amfiklia - Elateia." The conference was organised by the Municipality of Amfiklia - Elateia in the Papakosteio Cultural Center, on Saturday, December 15 and Sunday, December 16, 2012. Representatives from the regional government and development agencies, stakeholders from the region, entrepreneurs, and local residents attended the conference. Between the presentations and during the visits organized by the Municipality, the project manager discussed the possibilities of cooperation and the relevance of the project actions to other development projects in the region.

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