Progress of the project in July 2013

Action A1

Acquisition of high-resolution satellite images for Mt. Oiti.

Action A.2

Geological and geomorphological field work at five out of seven temporary ponds (excluding those at Nevropolis and Mourouzos–Mouriza), including geological mapping and tectonic measurements. Geophysical survey at the same ponds (28 VES and 7 ERT). Bathymetry and micro-topography survey at all ponds, including establishment of seven bases, with RTK-GPS techniques.  

Action A.3

Fieldwork. Vegetation transects at the temporary ponds of Nevropolis (3 transects, the work was not completed), Palaiosouvala (9 transects), and Mourouzos - Mouriza (2 transects, E of Nevropoli) on Mt. Kallidromo.

Action A.5

Fieldwork. Vegetation transects in mountain grasslands at: a) the areas of Livadies, Greveno, Alykaina, Tsamadaiika, Tourkos and Zapantolakka on Mt. Oiti (in total 8 transects); and b) the areas of Nevropoli, Palaiosouvala (coinciding with A.3 transects), E of Nevropoli, N of Dremata, Gkioza, and Isomata (in total 8 transects, excluding the ones at Palaiosouvala).

Action A.6

Fieldwork. Study of range condition and grazing capacity (vegetation cover and composition by the point method, and forage production by the harvest method) at the same locations where the grassland vegetation transects were implemented (Action A.5). Altogether, 66 transects with 6,600 points for vegetative cover and composition, and 200 samples for biomass were taken in both mountains.

Action A.7

Field work on Mt. Oiti. Direct count and estimation of Juniperus foetidissima population sizes, by mapping over 600 trees using GPS. Search for new stands of the habitat on Mt. Oiti. Measurements of diameter at breast height, heights and gender of almost 300 trees. In situ estimation of the number of seeds per reproductive individual from a representative number of trees. Collection of twigs with seeds to estimate the reproductive effort of Juniperus foetidissima. Establishment of 5 plots for the study of the structure and composition of Juniperus foetidissima forests on Mt. Oiti.

Action A.9

The external assistant-ornithologist made his tenth field trip (9-11/7/2013) and submitted a full report. Bird activity was higher on this visit compared to the previous ones.


Action A.10

During the field visit on Mt. Oiti,  on July 26, information about non-documented (by photos, immediate information, or ELGA compensation system) bear damages were collected for two cases:

·         One beehive near the area of the Hercules Sanctuary on Mt. Oiti, in early July.

·         Three beehives at Vrises, 6 Kms south of Pavliani, in early May.

During the same field visit a beehive installation protected by electrified fencing was found on Mt. Oiti, approximately 1 Km north of the Hercules Sanctuary. Additionally, numerous overturned stones were discovered during the same field visit, which might be the result of bear (or wild boar) activity, but without definitive signs, such as scats, hairs or footprints of bears.


Action A.11

The two questionnaires for visitors and local people are ready to be uploaded on the project web site, for easier distribution and collation of the results.

Action C.5

Conservation and plant care work of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants and for the 150 grafted plants established as a pilot trial. Replacement of plants that did not survive after the transplantation to the pots.

Action C.7

Field work. Collection of seeds of the temporary pond species: Veronica oetaea, Corrigiola litoralis, Ranunculus lateriflorus.

Action C.9

During the project visit mentioned under Action A.10, the location of fruit trees was registered in the area of the Hercules Sanctuary. These are probably related to human settlements and especially stockbreeding facilities in recent years.


Action E.1

Two more notice boards of the project have been erected on Mt. Kallidromo, at the main entrances of the NATURA 2000 site (at Nevropoli and Mikromonastiro).


Action Ε.3

The webpage of the project is continuously updated.

Action F.1

Organization of the External Monitoring Team’s mission in the project area (25 and 26 July).

August, 2013

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