Progress of the project in January 2013

Actions A1-A5

Literature research for the habitats 3170, 6210 and 6230. Programming of field work and coordination with the IMFE team.

Action A.9

The external assistant-ornithologist made his field trip on 7-10/01/2013 and submitted a full report with photos of the project areas. Due to heavy snow on Mt Oiti access to some areas was limited. The next field trip is scheduled for February 2013.

Action A10

Planning the working team and the timetable of the action.  The field visits will take place in March, April and late May-June with a last complementary visit in August.

Action A.12

Research of the existing international, EU and national legislation concerning the protection and management of the natural environment in the two project areas has been initiated.

Action C.5

Continuation of seed sowing preliminary work for Cupressus sempervirens (this species will be used for crafting of Juniperus foetidissima).

Action C.7

Continuation of preliminary experiments for Veronica oetaea seed germination.

Action C.9

Planning the working team and the timetable of the action in 2013. The field visits will take place in June and August for the habitat status study and in October-November to deliver the first Hellenic Livestock Guarding Dogs puppies.  

Action E.1

Preparation for a presentation of the project to the members and friends of the HSPN. The presentation will take place on 18/02/2013 at the offices of the HSPN.

Action E.3

The English version of the website has been completed, and will be visible on the web within the first days of February.

Action F.1

The Partnership Agreements between the HSPN and (a) the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and (b) IMFE has been signed. The members of the scientific team foreseen in the organigram were assigned by the Scientific Coordinator and accepted by the Project Coordinator.

Various actions

Financial reporting. Investigation of procedures for the acquisition of durable equipment and market research.


February, 2013

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