Progress of the project in August 2014

Action A.1

Data processing, Preparation of reports.

Action A.3

Data processing, Preparation of reports.

Action A.4

Data processing, Preparation of reports. Laboratory work: Processing of the samples of the soil seed-bank of Veronica oetaea*.

Action A.9

Finalization of the guidelines for the construction of bird nests.

Action C.3

Mechanical control of the thistles applied to 29,4 ha in total area of three intervention sites (Nevropolis A, Nevropolis B and Micres Limnes) in the grasslands of Kallidromo.

54 metallic information signs have been placed on 24 and 30 cages in the grasslands of Kallidromo and Oiti respectively.

Action C.5

Conservation and plant care works of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants. Growth measurements were also taken.

Action C.7

Laboratory work: Processing of the seed lots of the typical species of the temporary ponds.

Action Ε.1

Preparations for the organization of the two-day seminar about environmental education. The seminar will take place on 3rd and 4th of October and will be organized in cooperation with KPE Stylidas – Ypatis and Directorate of Education of Region of Sterea Ellada.  

Action Ε.3

The webpage of the project is continuously updated.


September, 2014

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