Progress of the project in May 2014

Action A.2

Service and maintenance of the meteorological stations.

Action A.3

Field work on fauna composition in temporary ponds, data processing and analysis.

Action A.4

Sample processing for Veronica otaea* seedbank.

Action Α.6

Data processing and analysis.

Action A.7

First rough mapping of new populations of Juniperus foetidissima forests (9560*) in Oiti after a field trip on 7-9/05/2014.

Action A.9

The external assistant-ornithologist made his twenty-first field trip (19-21/05/2014) and submitted a full report.

Action A.11

Some additional completed questionnaires were evaluated.

Action C.3

The procedures for the provision of ten (10) GPSR tracking ringers to monitor the daily activity of the cattle on Mt. Kallidromo, have been completed. The GSM cards have been sent to Canada for testing them on the ringers.

Materials needed for the construction of cages that will be used to prevent grazing have been ordered.

Action C.5

-Conservation and plant care works (watering and fertilizing) of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants. Survival and growth monitoring was carried out in a sample of 10% of the total plants.

Plant care works on Cupressus sempervirens plants grafted with Juniperus foetidissima grafts collected from Mt. Oiti in January and March. Gradual opening of the plastic covers that maintain high relative humidity in the plant environment.

Action C.7

Seed germination experiments for temporary pond species.

Action E.1

The t-shirts of the project were produced.

Action Ε.3

The webpage of the project is continuously updated.

Action F.1

A meeting of the project team has held at the offices of HSPN on 26/5/2104 to plan the activities during the spring and summer. On 28/04, the external monitor Ms. Anastasia Koutsolioutsou held a meeting with the project team in the framework of mission 2014.


Compilation and editing of deliverables of various actions.

June, 2014

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