Progress of the project in January 2015

Action A.1

Data processing: mapping of the habitats 6230*, 6210*, 9560*, 9530* in the project sites.

Action A.6

Data processing: mapping of tree and shrub stands based on the recent satellite images and the old aerial photographs.

Action C.3

Preliminary works for the grafting of Juniperus foetidissima on the transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants including: training of the personnel on the specific grafting method, wooden constructions for the placement of the plants, supply of grafting material and of material for the construction and function of the mist system.

Action C.5

Data collection from two cows of a herd in Kallidromo is completed (until 31/12/2014). The collars were removed from the animals. Data collected from the GPS collars have been transferred to suitable file formats for further processing with appropriate software. 

Action  C.7

Seed germination experiments with typical species of habitat 3170*.

Action Ε.3

The webpage of the project is continuously updated.

Action F.1

Organization of the administrative meeting (29/01/2015).


Action F.2: Preparation for the 3rd meeting of Stakeholders Committee that will be organized in February 2015.

February, 2015

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