Progress of the project in February 2015

Action C.3

Field data on plant cover and biomass collected from the exclosures in September 2014 were statistically analyzed. It was found that plant cover was more reduced due to grazing on Mt. Kallidromo than on Mt. Oiti (12,5% vs. 6,5%). The reduction in biomass on both mountains was much higher (more than 30%). Even this percentage is judged as light to moderate. The most grazed sites were Alikaina in Oiti and Nevropoli in Kallidromo. Burnt sites on Oiti had less plant cover but more biomass compared with the adjacent unburnt ones.

Action C.5

Grafting of 3,000 Cypress plants with Juniperus foetidissima grafts has started. The grafted plants were put in wooden greenhouses with a controlled high humidity environment, constructed on the premises of IMFE by the technical and scientific staff of the Institute. The grafts were collected from J. foetidissima habitats in the National Park of Oiti and kept in refrigerators for a few days. Access to Mt. Oiti was extremely difficult and accomplished only on foot after long walks. Experienced staff was used for the grafting. This staff attended a mini seminar and the grafting procedure was thoroughly explained by the researchers of IMFE.

Action F.2

Preparation for the 3rd meeting of the Stakeholders Committee that will be held on March 11,  2015.



March, 2015

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