Progress of the project in March 2015

Action A.4

Germination experiments of the 4 seedlots of Veronica oeatea (collection: Greveno, Alykaina, Livadies, 2014 and Livadies 2013) were conducted at the optimum temperature for the species.

Action A.7:

The access in Juniperus foetidissima sites was impossible, due to the bad weather and accessibility problems, so field work for Action A7 couldn’t proceed yet.

Action C.3

Data collection from the two cows currying collars during the winter period were analysed and processed according the distance from the stable and the time period. Specifically, one of the two cows tended to move quite away from the stable while grazing during the day time, while the other preferred to stay closer to the stable day and night. These differences were recorded despite the fact both cows had calves waiting for them in the stable. They suggest that animal behaviour while grazing is very much influenced by the specific animal involved.

Action C.5

Grafting of 3000 Cypress plants with Juniperus foetidissima grafts was completed. The grafted plants are in the wooden greenhouses with controlled high humidity by mist system.

Action C.7

Seed cleaning of 3 seedlots of Ranunculus lateriflorus (collection sites -
dates: Livadies - 23.06.2013, Livadies - 30.07.2013, Livadies - 20.07.2014), 2 seedlots of Polygonum sp. (collection sites - dates:

Livadies – 13.08.2013, Alykaina - 13.08.2013) and 1 seedlot of Myosurus minimus (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014), Lythrum thymifolia (collection site - date: Livadies - 20.07.2014), Limosella aquatica (collection site - date: Livadies - 20.07.2014) and Juncus bufonius (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014).

Action F.1

On March 11, 2015, the meeting of the scientific Team was organized.

Action F.2

On March 11, 2015, the 3rd meeting of the Stakeholders Committee was organized.



April, 2015

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