Progress of the project in June 2015

Action A.4

Laboratory work for the seed bank of Veronica oetaea*. The action has been completed officially, by seed bank samples collected in 2014 are still being processed due to the long time required to complete the tests.

Action A.7

Biometric measurements of the juniper’s cones and seeds that were collected from Oiti mountain on December for a better estimation of the reproductive potential of Juniperous foetidissima. An educational seminar was also conducted in HAO for the students of the “Second Chance” School of Pallini-Athens. The students were informed about the aims of the Life Program and participated to the laboratory works for the determination of Juniperus foetidissima reproductive potential.

Action C.3

The activities of the ten cows with GPS collars were monitored in the Mount Kallidromo and the data were subjected to a “first hand” evaluation. Also the movement of the cages to adjacent sites was concluded in both Oiti and Kallidromo. In addition, the piles of the clear cut shrubs in the respective treatments were moved to streams and depressions so that more grazing area is released. Finely, the progress report of the activities from May 2015 to May 2015 was prepared and submitted to coordinating beneficiary.

Continued monitoring of the movements of ten (10) cows in two herds in the study area of Kallidromo.

Action C.5

Continuation of monitoring of the micrometeorological conditions of air temperature and relative humidity in the wooden constructions, where the 3000 grafted cypress plants are placed. The data of the sensors are evaluated daily and the results are used for the calibration of temperature and humidity conditions in the wooden constructions by changing the mist control automatic program, the shading conditions (removal of the shading nets) and by opening-closing the plastic chambers, on a daily basis. Conservation and plant care works were also conducted (irrigation, weed-control). Monitoring of the grafting success is also continuing. Some more grafts were rejected.

Action C.7

Germination study of the typical species of habitat 3170*

Scoring of seed germination experiments at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 20/10, 25/15
°C for Ranunculus lateriflorus (collection sites - dates: Livadies -
23.06.2013), Polygonum sp. (collection sites - dates: Greveno –
13.08.2013), Myosurus minimus (collection site - date: Greveno -
21.07.2014), Limosella aquatica (collection site - date: Livadies -
23.06.2013) and Juncus bufonius (collection site - date: Greveno -
New seed germination experiments at 30 and 30/20 °C, under white light and
in darkness, for Ranunculus lateriflorus (collection sites - dates:
Livadies - 23.06.2013) and Myosurus minimus (collection site - date:
Greveno - 21.07.2014).

Action D.1

Field work: monitoring of temporary ponds (3170*) and Veronica oetaea* on Mt Oiti. Restoration measures are not in place yet, but we went on with monitoring due to a) the large fluctuations observed in Veronica oetaea* populations and b) the fact that the meteorological station started functioning in winter 2013, so up to now we had only one year of simultaneous meteorological data and field work at temporary ponds while we need at least two years.

July, 2015

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