Progress of the project in July 2015

Action A.7

A one-week field trip to Mt. Oiti for the detailed mapping of 4 new populations (Matakia, Amaliolakka, Zapandolakka and Tsouka) of Juniperus foetidissima. Biometric data were recorded from a representative 1,000 square meter plot in each site in order to estimate population status.


Action C.3

Two field trips to Mts. Oiti and Kallidromo for measurements of vegetation cover and production, inside and outside the cages.

Action C.5

Many grafts from the total 3,000 grafted cypress plants were rejected despite continuous monitoring of the micrometeorological conditions of air temperature and relative humidity in the wooden constructions, the daily calibration of temperature and humidity conditions inside by changing the mist control automatic program, and the adjustment of shading conditions (removal of the shading nets) by opening-closing the plastic chambers, on a daily basis.

The grafting method with Juniperus foetidissima has a low percentages of success. This fact, and the extremely hot-dry conditions that occurred in Athens during July, seem to be the main reasons for graft rejection, which was not prevented even though extremely intensive measures were taken to control humidity and temperature conditions around the grafts (as mentioned above). The hot-dry meteorological conditions still persist.

Action C.8

Selection of the areas that grass cuttings will be implemented in order to improve Alectoris graeca* food resourses.

Action C.9

Tenders for the selection of the best price for the purchase of electric fences.

August, 2015

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