Progress of the project in October 2015

Action C.3

Mechanical control (mowing) applied to a total area of 7,4 ha, in two intervention sites (Livadies) in the grasslands of Mt. Oiti and to a total area of 29,4 ha in three intervention sites (Nevropolis A, Nevropolis B and Micres Limnes) in the grasslands of Mt. Kallidromo.

The replacement of non-permanent metallic cages was completed this month on the selected sites in Mt. Oiti and in Mt. Kallidromo, instead of April 2016 as planned originally, in order to avoid any delays caused by adverse weather conditions in the spring (snow, rainfall).

Action C.5

Conservation and plant care works of the grafted and non-grafted cypress plants.

Arrival of the 500 Juniperus foetidissima plants from Cyprus, which were transferred directly to the Holy Monastery of Agathon on Mt. Oiti for a short acclimatization before transplanting them to the selected locations.

An application was submitted to the competent authority for approval of the planned interventions (planting and other actions) in the National Park of Oiti.

Action C.7

Scoring of seed germination experiments (including cut-tests and addition of 1,000 ppm GA3) for Ranunculus lateriflorus (collection sites - dates:
Livadies - 23.06.2013), Polygonum sp. (collection sites - dates: Greveno – 13.08.2013), Myosurus minimus (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014), Limosella aquatica (collection site - date: Livadies – 23.06.2013) and Juncus bufonius (collection site - date: Greveno - 21.07.2014).

Satisfactory seed collection of Crataegus orientalis from Mt. Oiti.

Action C.8

Identification of new positions for the 20 remaining artificial nests. Identification of the areas where shrubs and grass will be removed for the improvement of habitat and food sources of Alectoris graeca*.

Action C.9

  Communication with the Forestry Service of Lamia took place about approval of the special study for the wild trees plantation activity. The Study finalized and the final approval is expected. Communication with electric fences suppliers took place and offers have been asked.

Action C.10

A meeting of all partners was held in order to discuss specific proposals for the Action. Another meeting was held in the Ministry of Environment and Energy in order to discuss the content of the Legal Documents.

Action D.2

Monitoring of the activities of the ten cows equipped with GPS collars on Mt. Kallidromo and evaluation of the collected data continued.

Action D.4

Monitoring of the 30 placed artificial nests was completed. No sign of use detected.

Action F.1

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation officially announced its decision to co-finance the project activities of ARCTUROS.


Communication material (News) prepared for publication in project website, as well as newsletter by ARCTUROS and a press release.

October, 2015

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