The Project Team visited Mt. Oiti

 8/11/2012 The Project Team in the area of the temporary ponds on Mt. Oiti (Photo: Ch. Georgiadis)

After the presentation of the project to the Environmental Committee of the Region of Sterea Ellada, the project team visited part of the project site, specifically the National Park of Mt. Oiti. The group approached the area from the village of Loutra Ypatis (Thermal Springs of Ypati), where they visited the offices of the Management Body and ended the trip in the village of Pavliani, on the southern side of Mount Oiti. Two staff members of the Managing Body escorted the group. Along the way, the team visited the Monastery of Agathonas and the Museum of Natural History housed there, which will be upgraded as part of the project, two temporary ponds, the alpine meadows and Stinking Juniper (Juniperous foetidissima) forests. The team members also had the opportunity to enjoy the unique scenery carpeted with the first snow of the year.

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