The ornithologist of the project has begun field work in the area

Scanning for birds on the southern side of Mt. Oiti (Photo: Eugene Shogolev)

In the context of the Action A.9, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, as responsible beneficiary for its implementation, hired the ornithologist Charalambos Alivizatos. His work will entail several visits to the project area at regular intervals, in order to locate and stusy the 5 bird species (Aegolius funereus, Alectoris graeca, Dryocopus martius, Denrocopos leucotos and Picus canus) targeted by the project. His first visits in the field have already taken place, following various routes and points (this is still a pilot stage). Signs of the three woodpecker species have been detected (typical holes in trees and signs of feeding) and there were attempts to locate the 5 aforementioned species with the help of recorded calls.

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