Progress of the project in March 2014

-Preparatory Actions 

Germination of Veronica oetaea* was tested at various temperatures, in light and darkness, on seeds collected on 23/06/2013. Recording and analysis of the soil samples that were collected from the 3 temporary ponds in June and October 2013.
Action Α.3
Data processing and analysis.
Action Α.4
Sample processing for the Veronica oetaea* seedbank.
Data processing and analysis.
Evaluation of the data regarding habitat type Juniperus foetidissima forests (9560*) that were collected during the summer of 2013. Initial results indicate that additional study of Juniperus foetidissima population and sites will be needed.
The external assistant-ornithologist made his nineteenth field trip (1-3/03/2014) and submitted a full report.
-Concrete Conservation Actions 
Procedures for the provision of ten (10) GPSR tracking ringers to monitor the daily activity of cattle on Mt. Kallidromo were completed. The order was placed to Lotek Wireless Inc. of Ontario, Canada.
Plant care works (watering and fertilizing) of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants continued. Survival and growth monitoring was carried out in a 10%-sample of the plants.
Cupressus sempervirens plants were grafted using Juniperus foetidissima grafts collected from Mt. Oiti on 20/3/2014, for comparison with the grafts collected on 22/1/2014. 
Seed germination experiments for temporary pond plant species.
-Dissemination Actions 
The webpage of the project is continuously updated. 
March, 2014

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