Progress of the project in October 2013

-Preparatory Actions

Field work for habitat mapping on Mt. Kallidromo. Data processing. 
DEM extraction from RTK-GPS measurements. Interpretation and ortho-rectification of high resolution satellite images for Mt. Kallidromo.
Processing and interpretation of geological, geomorphological and geophysical measurements for map and sections production. Technical report on water and soil sample processing results (for the dry period of 2012 and the wet period of 2013).
Field survey at all the temporary pond sites of Mts. Oiti and Kallidromo to record the plant community composition during the autumn pre-flooding phase. Data processing (vegetation transects).
Soil sampling for the seedbank of Veronica oetaea* at the temporary ponds of Livadies, Alykaina and Greveno.
The first set of specifications for Action C.1 submitted to Region of Sterea Ellada. 
The external assistant-ornithologist made his thirteenth field trip (4-6/9/2013) and submitted a full report.
A meeting was held in Thessaloniki with biologists Dr. Alexandros Karamanlidis and Dimitris Bousbouras, members of the scientific team of ARCTUROS. During this meeting, the following were planed:
  • a. Two additional field visits in the project area till the end of the year for collection of more data. These visits will also include sites adjacent to the project area to the west, where presence of bears has been recorded recently.
  • b. Completion of specifications for bear management, according to the registered presence and population dynamics of the species in the project area.
  • c. Inclusion in the in the study for wild fruit planting (action C.9) of a model for the establishment of natural corridors for bears between the project area and areas to the west, where species presence has been recently recorded.
Evaluation of completed questionnaires continues. To date 120 questionnaires have been collected.
-Concrete Conservation Actions
Prescribed burning of grassland sites in the area of Livadia, (National Park of Oiti) on October 25 and 26.  
Conservation and plant care works (fertilisation and weed management) of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants. Survival and development observations on a 10% sample of the plants. Cone collection of Cupressus sempervirens species from high altitude at Anopoli Sfakion (Chania area of Crete) in order to replace possible additional losses of Cypress plants.
For the study on wild fruit tree planting in the project area, a contract was signed with the forester Christakis Evangelou, and an initial map of the area indicating the Wildlife Reserves was composed because, according to the national Biodiversity Law, Wildlife Reserves have priority for habitat improvements. There were further contacts with local stockbreeders and the first deliveries of Hellenic Livestock Guarding Dogs puppies were planned.
-Impact Monitoring Actions
On October 1st, the Project Manager visited the Environmental Education Centre of Styllida in order to discuss the implementation of this Action with the staff. 
On October 3rd, the Project Manager presented the project at the 1st Mediterranean Symposium of Agroecology and Organic Farming, held in Valencia, Spain. 
Preparation of the project’s leaflet and poster continues.  
The webpage of the project is continuously updated. 
-Overall Management Actions
On October 1st, a half-day meeting was held at the offices of the Region of Sterea Ellada in order to discuss and plan the implementation of Region’s actions. On October 17th an all-day meeting was held at the offices of DEMETER in order to discuss general coordination and management issues of the project.
On October 10th a meeting was held at the village of Bralos with the stockbreeders of the area in order to inform them about the relevant actions of the project.
October, 2013

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