Progress of the project in September 2013

-Preparatory Actions

Fieldwork to collect geophysical and geological data at the areas of the temporary ponds on Mt. Kallidromo.
Fieldwork for vegetation transects at the temporary pond of
Nevropoli on Mt. Kalliromo.
Interviews with farmers on Mt. Oiti and Mt. Kallidromo.
Processing of data for actions A1, A2, A3, A4 and A6.
Processing of Juniperus foetidissima population data and geographical mapping of the new sites discovered on Mt Oiti.
Preparation of guidelines for the implementation of Action C.1 by experts of HPSN.
The external assistant-ornithologist made his thirteenth field trip (4-6/9/2013) and submitted a full report.
Following the EC comments on the Inception Report, it was decided to extend this action till the end of 2013, as proposed by ARCTUROS. The next field visit will take place in November.
Evaluation of completed questionnaires has started. To date 102 questionnaires have been collected.
-Concrete Conservation Actions
Identification of the intervention sites corresponding to the three stocking rates (moderate grazing, heavy grazing and no grazing for control) in both Mts. Oiti and Kallidromo. Identification and mapping of the sites with Juniperus nana to be controlled by burning in Oiti, and of sites with other shrubs to be cleared manually. Identification and mapping of the areas with weeds or excess biomass to be mowed in both mountains. Decisions were reached regarding which ponds will be fenced and the design of the fences, as well as regarding the sites where the portable wooden cages will be placed. Acquisition of all necessary permits for all works included in this action, from the Special Secretary of Forests.  
Conservation and plant care works of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants. Survival and development measurements in a 10% sample of the plants.
For the study for wild fruit tree planting in the project area, a contract with the forester Christakis Evangelou was prepared. Plan made to design a map of the area indicating existing Wildlife Reserves, as according the national Biodiversity Law the areas of Wildlife Reserves have a priority for habitat improvements. 
-Impact Monitoring Actions
On September 19 a meeting was held at the offices of the HSPN with its experts on Environmental Education in order to discuss and plan the implementation of this Action.
The webpage of the project is continuously updated. 
-Overall Management Actions
On September 17 a half-day meeting was held at the offices of the HPSN in order to discuss and evaluate the comments of the EC about the Inception Report and the Mission 2013. 
September, 2013

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