Progress of the project in November 2013

-Preparatory Actions 

Field work for habitat mapping on Mt. Kallidromo. Data processing. 
DEM extraction from RTK-GPS measurements. Interpretation and ortho-rectification of high resolution satellite images for Mt. Kallidromo.
Processing and interpretation of geological, geomorphological and geophysical measurements, for map and section production. Technical report for water and soil sample processing results (dry period 2012 and wet period 2013) completed. Preparation for installation of the two meteorological stations in the National Park of Oiti and Mount Kallidromo.
Preparation of the specifications for the implementation of Actions C.1 and C.6.
The external assistant-ornithologist made his fifteenth field trip (5-7/11/2013) and submitted a full report. On November 6, 2013, the presence of the Tengmalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus) on Mt. Oiti was confirmed in the area of Alykaina.
Data collection continued during two visits in the project area, on 1 and on 20-22 November.  The first visit was combined with the delivery of the Hellenic Livestock Guarding Dog puppies (see Action C9), and the second with the participation of ARCTUROS in the 2nd meeting of the Stakeholders Committee. During both visits there were also meetings and discussions with ELGA, as well as with local stockbreeders in the field, at the areas of Ypati, Kastania and Neohori. These communications provided additional information about bear presence in the area during late August and early September to the west (Neohori) and the east (Pavliani-Oiti) of the Mt. Oiti project area, as well as during October close of the village of Kastania.  
Preparation of preliminary specifications for bear management according to the presence and population dynamics of the species in the project area, as known to date, is in progress. 
Analysis and evaluation of the opinion of the local community and visitors continues.
-Concrete Conservation Actions
Grazing management and woody vegetation clearing for the restoration of temporary ponds and mountain grasslands. 
Candidate contractors were contacted to examine the construction of mobile metallic cages, and we accompanied them to the mountains in order to see the areas of thistles and excess of biomass to be by mechanical method or by manual cutting. 
Conservation and plant care works (fertilisation and weed management) of the 9,000 transplanted Cupressus sempervirens plants. Survival and growth observations were realised in a 10% sample of the total.
The success of pilot grafting was estimated at about 20%; there was an effort to analyse the possible negative factors in order to limit losses. The main parameter seems to be the drying of the stock plant- Cupressus sempervirens.
Cones of Cupressus sempervirens were collected from high altitudes in Crete, at Anopoli Sfakion in the Chania prefecture, on November 14-16, in order to replace possible extended losses of cypress plants in the nursery.
The first twelve 2-month-old puppies were delivered on November 1, to stockbreeders in the villages of Zilefto, Spercheiada, Kenourgio, Herakleia, Eleftherochori, Argyrochori, Grameni, Trilofo and Kastania Ypatis in cooperation with the Stockbreeder’s Association of Phthiotida and the Management Body of Oiti National Park. The President of the Association, Mr. Athanasios Asproulakis, attended the meetings of the ARCTOUROS staff and the local farmers.
Regarding the planting of wild fruit trees in the project area and the preparation of the relative study, the forester Christakis Evangelou met with the Forestry Service on November 21, and then visited the sites proposed by the Forestry Service. The final planting sites cannot be determined yet, as a lot of conflicting factors must still be evaluated, including protection status of the sites and the intense use of the area by stockbreeders. The Wildlife Nature Reserve areas were evaluated as a priority because, according to the Biodiversity Law, these areas have a priority for habitat improvements; they were rejected because they lie within strict protection areas (where interventions have to be avoided) and they are very close to the human settlements. Initial candidates are the areas of Neohori and Kastania Ypatis, on the west side of the Oiti National Park, for which further deliberations with the Forestry Service, the Stockbreeder’s Association of Phthiotida and the local stockbreeders are in progress.  
-Dissemination Actions
On November 27, the Project Manager along with Ms A. Nikiforaki and Mr S. Skampardonis, HSPN experts on environmental education, visited the Environmental Education Centre of Styllida in order to discuss the implementation of this Action with the staff. 
Preparation of the two leaflets and the poster of the project continues.  
The webpage of the project is continuously updated.
-Overall Management Actions
On November 20, the second meeting of Stakeholders Committee was organised in Lamia. The aim of the meeting was to present to the Committee the specifications of Actions C.1 and C.6. 
November, 2013

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