Confirmation of the presence of Tengmalm’s Owl on Mt. Oiti

The site where the Tengmalm’s Owl was heard. (Photo: S. Tsekolev)

On November 6. 2013, the presence of the Tengmalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus) on Mt. Oiti was confirmed through Action A.9 fieldwork. The project’s ornithologist, accompanied by his colleagues E. Shogolev and S. Shogolev, visited again the area where this species had been most recently observed (in 2010 by A. Christopoulos). Since this owl is active mostly after dark, at nightfall they started playing its “song”. Receiving no response they changed place. On their third attempt, near the forest margin, at an altitude of 1.850 m, and shortly after 19.00 hours, a Tengmalm’s Owl called back -twice. They kept playing the call for a quarter of an hour (with intervals for better hearing) and the owl responded five times in total. 

Thus we can definitely say that Mt. Oiti still hosts the Tengmalm’s Owl, however, more fieldwork will be required in order to estimate its population size and trends.

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