Life For Open Forests

Τελευταία Νέα

Hellenic Livestock Guarding Dog puppies were delivered to local stockbreeders (Photo: Melina Avgerinou)

On Friday November 1st, 2013, staff members of ARCTOUROS visited the project areas and delivered Hellenic Livestock Guarding Dog puppies as part of Action C.9. Hellenic Guarding Dogs have been successfully protecting livestock in the mountainous regions of our country for centuries and...

The site where the Tengmalm’s Owl was heard. (Photo: S. Tsekolev)

On November 6. 2013, the presence of the Tengmalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus) on Mt. Oiti was confirmed through Action A.9 fieldwork. The project’s ornithologist, accompanied by his colleagues E. Shogolev and S. Shogolev, visited again the area where this species had been most recently observed (...

Presentation of the project in a symposium organized in Valencia, Spain (Photo: Santiago Algora)

The project manager, Mr. Christos Georgiadis, presented the project LIFE11NAT/GR/1014 “ForOpenForests” at the Symposium MEDITERRANEAN AGROECOLOGY AND ORGANIC AGRICULTURE and II INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “BIOCÍTRICS” The Symposium was organised in Valencia, Spain from 2 to 5 October, within the...

First evaluation of the project completed on July 25 and 26  (Photo: Serafeim Chatziskakis)

Ms. Anastasia Koutsoulioutsou, a member of the external monitoring team for LIFE projects in Greece and Cyprus held the first evalution of the project on July 25 and 26. Ms. Koutsolioutsou spent the first day at the offices of the HSPN, where she was briefed in detail about the development of...

A new vehicle for the HSPN (Photo: Christos Georgiadis)

In the beginning of June, the HSPN purchased a new 4WD vehicle, a SUZUKI GRAND VITARA. The HSPN is the project coordinator, and this vehicle will be used to cover transportation needs of the entire project team for visits to the National Park of Mt. Oiti as well as Mt Kallidromo. The main...


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