Life For Open Forests

Τελευταία Νέα

Field excursion during the seminar (Photo: Christos Georgiadis).

On October 2nd  and 3rd the HSPN, in collaboration with the Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Fthiotida and the Center for Environmental Education of Stylida - Ypati, organised an Environmental Education seminar titled "Theoretical...

Estimation of the optimal grazing regime (Photo: Giorgos Lyrintzis)

In order to estimate the optimal grazing regime to ideally manage the grasslands and preserve their biodiversity, samples were collected from Mts.Oiti and Kallidromo.  The plant cover and biomass within and outside the cages were measured in the laboratory. Planned manipulations include two...

The tracking collar in place. (Photo: Giorgos Lyrintzis)

In order to ascertain the movements and activity of cattle grazing in the forest openings of Mt  Kallidromo, two GPS collars were put on two cows to track their movements. This method is applied for the first time in Greece. This is a trial to test the functionality of the system and to gain...

Members of the project team walked the paths of Oiti and Kalidromo (Photo: Christos Georgiadis)

On June 26 and 27, members of the project team walked the paths proposed for restoration in the framework of Action C.1. Specifically, on June 26, the Project Manager and staff members of the RST walked a path on Mt. Oiti traditionally used by Sarakatsani nomadic shepherds during their seasonal...


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