Life For Open Forests

Τελευταία Νέα


Under the program “Life For Open Forests”, ARCTUROS visits schools in Lamia and Fthiotida Prefecture with the purpose of informing and raising students’ awareness for the protection of wildlife. The Environmental Education programs for brown bears and wolves are implemented in collaboration with...

Foto: Christos Georgiadis

On December 14th, 15th  and 16 the HSPN, in collaboration with the Center for Environmental Education of Stylida - Ypati, the Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Fthiotida, organised an Environmental Education seminar titled "Examples of environmental education projects for...


On 7th and 8th of December IMFE successfully organized a seminar with title "Actions to improve the mountain pastures of Kallidromo and rational management - Common Agricultural Policy". The seminar was addressed to farmers-livestock breeders-beekeepers and it was held at Local Community Office...

Photo: Giorgos Mantakas

The Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems organized on 8-9 July 2017, in Eleftherochori, Fthiotida, a seminar for the information of farmers and stock breeders about the "Actions for the improvement of the mountain pastures of Kallidromos and their rational management". The seminar was...

Φωτογραφία : Αλεξάνδρα Σωλομού

The weekend of 3 and 4 June 2017 was successfully implemented, by the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems, the 4rth seminar entitled "Actions to improve Oiti mountain pastures and rationalize management". The seminar was addressed to farmers-breeders and it was held at the...


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