Semi-natural dry grasslands on calcareous substrates (Festuco Brometalia) (6210*)

Semi-natural dry grasslands on calcareous substrates. (Photo: G. Karetsos)

This habitat occurs in the site of Mt. Kallidromo (GR2440006) at high altitude limestone plateaus. These grasslands have a high cover (90–100 %) and their characteristic species are Filipendulla vulgaris, Festuca rubra, Festuca valesiaca, Hordeum bulbosum, Prunella laciniosa, Potentilla recta, Stipa spp., Poa bulbosa, Teucrium chamaedrys, Melica ciliata, Scabiosa columbaria, Sanguisorba minor and several species of crocuses and orchids (e.g. Orchis mascula).

The grasslands used to be grazed by sheep and goats up to 15 years ago. Today, they are grazed mostly by cattle, but in a lesser degree due to the general decline of animal farming activities in the area. Nevertheless, some of the grasslands are intensively grazed and there the floristic composition includes abundant thistle species.

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