Mediterranean temporary ponds (3170*)

A temporary pond on Mt. Oiti. (Photo: G. Karetsos)

On Mt. Oiti (GR2440004) this habitat has been mapped in 3 small ponds with a total area of 0.03 ha (at Leivadies, Greveno, and Louka); it also occurs at a small pond north of Trapeza peak. The habitat occurs in small depressions on gray flysch, where the snow melts creating shallow ponds, which eventually dry out early in the summer. The characteristic species are Corrigiola litoralis, Ranunculus lateriflorus, Myosurus minimus, Lythrum tribracteatum, and Veronica oetaea*.

On Mt. Kallidromo (GR2440006) the information about this habitat is inadequate. There are 3 temporary ponds: two large ones at Nevropolis and Souvala (circa 2–4 ha each) and a smaller one (<0.05 ha) east of Nevropolis. According to the Standard Data Form for the site, typical vernal pool vegetation develops at the ponds with species such as Myosurus minimus, Polygonum aviculare, Juncus bufonius, Ranunculus lateriflorus, Gnafalium uliginosum, Mentha cervina, and Isoetes heldreichii.

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