Action F.3: External auditing

On the eastern side of Mt. Oiti. (Photo: Ch. Alivizatos)

This action concerns the external auditing needed for the verification of the financial statements of the project.

An independent accounting editor will be nominated by the project coordinator, and will examine the project financial data and statements in order to verify that they adhere to the national legislation and to certify that all costs incurred respect the LIFE+ Common Provisions.

External auditing will take place during the project and in particular prior to the submission of mid-term and final reports.

reasons why this is necessary: 

This action is necessary in order to ensure that all economic transactions which will take place during the project will comply with the relevant National and EU legislation. Moreover, it is considered obligatory for all LIFE+ projects.

expected results: 
  • Financial control of the project.
beneficiary responsible for implementation: 

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