Action E.5: Dissemination of the results to the scientific community and Layman's report

Mountain grasslands on Mt. Oiti. (Photo: G. Karatsos)

The purpose of this action is the dissemination of the results of the project to the international scientific community and the priduction of a Layman's report for the general public.

The action includes the following activities:

  1. Presentation of the project methodology, results and analysis, regarding the integrated management of forest openings, and regarding particular habitats and species (e.g., conservation biology of Veronica oetaea*, restoration of temporary ponds) in international conferences. The MEDECOS series of international conferences will be attended.
  2. Publication of major findings in articles, in conference proceedings, and in scientific peer-reviewed journals.
  3. Participation in the network of the European Dry Grassland Group (EDGG) and publication of the relevant project findings in the EDGG bulletin.
  4. Participation in the meetings of the Hellenic Range and Pasture Society (HERPAS), publication of the relevant project findings in the annual HERPAS bulletin, and deposition of relevant project deliverable products, including guidelines, in the HERPAS database.
  5. Participation in a relevant specialised symposium of the European Grassland Federation (EGF).
  6. Production of a 10-page Layman’s report in two versions, Greek and English, at the end of the project. It will be published in printed and electronic format, and will be available for download at the project website. Hard copies will be distributed to stakeholders. The report will present the project objectives, actions and results in comprehensive format, appropriate for the general public.

Specific reference to LIFE+ financial support, including appearance of the LIFE logo, will be made at all materials and activities of this action at no additional cost to the project.

reasons why this is necessary: 

The project includes pilot concrete conservation actions targeting vulnerable and/or rare habitats with Mediterranean or European distribution. The methodology and results of the application of management measures will be of interest to the international scientific community and useful to managers of protected sites.

Mountain grassland management is a subject of European concern, while the management of Mediterranean mountain grasslands for biodiversity conservation is a subject which has not been adequately studied or documented. Moreover, there is actually no experience in the conservation management of mountain juniper forests.

On the other hand, there is significant experience in the management of Mediterranean temporary ponds at a European level. However, there is no experience in the management of high altitude temporary ponds and their specialized species.

The dissemination of the project results to the scientific community will contribute to the base knowledge about the target habitats and species, and will promote best practice for their conservation. Finally, the Layman’s report is considered obligatory for all LIFE+ projects. As a concise description of the whole project, it will contribute to the dissemination of its objectives results to a wide audience and raise public awareness.

expected results: 
  • A series of presentations to international scientific conferences and of publications to conference proceedings and international scientific journals.
  • Publications to the EDGG and HERPAS bulletins.
  • Layman’s report in paper and electronic format.


beneficiary responsible for implementation: 

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