Action E.4: Training for habitat conservation

Training local stakeholders in the field (Photo: G.Moutaifs/ARCTUROS)

The purpose of this action is to train stakeholders in the regions of Mt. Oiti and Mt. Kallidromo in the methods developed by the project for habitat conservation. It includes two subactions.

The first subaction includes training in in-situ habitat and species monitoring and restoration. This subaction will take place in the fifth (last) year of the project and will consist in two 4-day workshops, one for Mt. Oiti and one for Mt. Kallidromo. The participants will include employees of the Local Authorities and of the Management Body, members of local NGOs, and other volunteers. The workshop will include indoor seminars as well as field-work for the demonstration and training in the techniques used for habitat and species monitoring and restoration, so that the participants will be able to carry out the necessary actions for after-LIFE conservation. The exact content of the workshops will be determined by the results of the various actions of the project regarding monitoring indices and successful techniques, and they will be specified by action F.4. It is envisaged that demonstration and training will include:

  1. Key issues on the conservation biology of the target habitats and species, with special focus on the conservation of both forests and forest openings.
  2. Concrete ex-situ and in-situ conservation action techniques.
  3. Techniques for monitoring the species’ and habitats’ conservation status.
  4. Habitat mapping techniques.
  5. Effectiveness evaluation methodology.

The second subaction includes education and training of stakeholders (producers) in sustainable grassland management in accordance to the aims and the results of the project. The subaction includes organization of a series of 3-day educational and training seminars for stockbreeders, beekeepers and other producers of Mt. Oiti and Mt. Kallidromo. The seminars will take place annually, starting on the second year of the project. There will be a total of 8 seminars: each year a different subject will be presented in one seminar in the region of Mt. Oiti and one seminar in the region of Mt. Kallidromo. The seminars will include indoor presentations and discussion and, when appropriate, field demonstration of the practices. The subjects of the seminars will include:

  1. Integrated management of mountain grasslands.
  2. Grassland conservation and extensive livestock farming.
  3. Best practices of animal farming and promotion of animal products.
  4. Grazing management for the conservation of habitats 6210* and 6230* based on the results of the project.
reasons why this is necessary: 

This action is necessary because it will provide to the stakeholders the skills required for the implementation of long-term conservation of the target species and habitats on Mt. Oiti and Mt. Kallidromo, as well as in other sites.

Moreover, it will train farmers in the local communities in alternative methods of management which will be in line with the objectives of biodiversity conservation. Thus, the action will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the project results and also to the wider application of the methods developed.

expected results: 
  • Two training workshops for in-situ habitat and species monitoring and restoration, with 20–30 attendees each.
  • Eight 3-day educational and training seminars for farmers of the project sites.
beneficiary responsible for implementation: 

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