Action E.3: Project website

Web Site (Design and Photo: Lydia Lada)

This action consists of the creation, update and maintenance of a project website.

The website will be bilingual (Greek and English) and will include description of the project, its objectives, actions, project progress and results, as well as networking facilities, a forum and relevant links. It will be launched in the first year of the project and will be maintained and updated throughout the project duration. It will also be available for five years after the end of the project.

Specific reference to LIFE+ financial support including appearance of the LIFE logo will be made at all materials and activities of this action at no additional cost to the project.

reasons why this is necessary: 

This action will disseminate the results of the project worldwide instantly; it is also obligatory for all LIFE+ projects.

The website is an integral part of the communication and participation strategy. It promotes information and education material to the stakeholders and the general public, and it also allows the exchange of information, opinions and experience. It will also function as a valuable tool for networking and for information and experience transfer. Finally, it will provide a low cost communication method which will facilitate the project flow and reduce its carbon footprint.

expected results: 
  • Project website
beneficiary responsible for implementation: 

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