Action D.5: Monitoring the impact of management on Ursus arctos*

Monitoring the movements of animals with radio transmitters (Photo: A. Karamanlidis/ARCTUROS)

This action aims at monitoring the impact of the proposed interventions on the population of Ursus arctos*, according to the specifications specified by action A.10, in order to evaluate population status and the results of conservation actions.

Monitoring will be conducted by two biologists, on a part-time basis, who will visit the area of interest at least three times per year. The duration of monitoring will be 3 years; it will start in the third year of the project, after the implementation of conservation actions for at least one year and will be completed at the end of the project.

reasons why this is necessary: 

Monitoring of the impact of the proposed interventions on Ursus arctos* is required for all projects with concrete conservation actions, according to the guidelines for the LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity 2011 proposals.

Monitoring of Brown Bears will allow evaluation of the adequacy of the management interventions of action C.9. The comparison of observations before, during and after the application of conservation actions, assures the continuous evaluation of the program and will help amend the methodology of management or to develop alternative management techniques if necessary.

expected results: 
  • Three annual reports with the description and interpretation of the results of annual monitoring of Ursus arctos*.

All the reports will include evaluation of the conservation actions and, if necessary, proposals for their amendment. The final report will include a proposal for the establishment of long term after-LIFE monitoring and management.

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