Progress of the project in November 2018

Action C.5: 

Continuation of management interventions: fir cuttings and necrosis for Juniperus foetidissima release by the contractor.

Action D.3: 

Data collection according to the monitoring protocols for the plots about the impact of signboards for the illegal logging at Tsouka, Profitis Ilias and Fakitsa locations in Oiti mountain.

Action E.1: 

Planning for student educational visits to both Oiti and Kallidromo during December 2018 and the organization of the seminar to teachers in December.

Action E.4

Sub-action 2: Educational and training of stakeholders in sustainable grassland management in accordance to the aims and the results of the project

Final preparations for the seminar that will be held on Mendenitsa, Fthiotidas 7-8 December 2018 (e.g. program details, lobby, speakers etc.). Invitation of officials for greeting at the beginning of the seminar. Publication-briefing of the seminar in the social media (TV, newspapers, radio, Facebook, Twiter etc.) and in the participants (stockbreeders, beekeepers and other farmers).

December, 2018

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