Progress of the project in January - February - March 2019

Action C.7:

Continuation of seed germination experiments and collection of Pinus nigra seeds from Oros Kallidromo.

Action D.1:

Field data processing.

Action E.1

On 8th of March HSPN’s experts participated in a meeting with the director in order to discuss the final details of the short movie.

The environmental education tram of ARCTUROS visited a total of 6 schools in Lamia ok 6th, 7th and 8th of March. The project presented to the students and their teachers. Posters of the project prepared by ARCTUROS were distributed to all students. From 26th to 29th March 11 more schools will be visited.

Action E.4: 

Sub-action 2: Educational and training of stakeholders in sustainable grassland management in accordance to the aims and the results of the project

Preparations for the seminar that will be held in Gorgopotamos, in June (e.g. program details, lobby, speakers etc.). IMFE’s experts visited Gorgopotomos in order to prepare the seminar.

April, 2019

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