Progress of the project in April - May - June 2019

Action C.1: 

Preparation of the signs that will be erected in the priority habitats of Oiti and Kallidromo. The subcontractor has already started constructing the infrastructure included in this Action, according to the plan all the activities foreseen in this Action will be completed by the end of July 2019.

Action C.6:

Please see the description of Action C.1.

Action C.7:

Continuation of seed germination experiments and collection of Pinus nigra seeds from Oros Kallidromo.

Action D.1: 

Field data processing. Several visits in temporary ponds in Oiti and Kallidromo.

Action E.1:

ARCTUROS is planning to organize a two day seminar for environmental education teachers from the project area in Nymfaio. Teachers will have the opportunity to visit the Rehabilitation Center for Brown Bear and the Reproduction Center of Greek Shepherd Dogs, at the same time invironmental education activities will be organized by staff of HSPN and ARCTUROS. This activity was not foreseen in the initial activities but after discussing with the experts of Environmental Education Center of Stylida-Ypati and takng in account the success of the previous three seminars organized by HSPN, the organization of this seminar is according to the objectives of the project and seems that it is necessary. The organization of the seminar is planning for October 2019.

Action E.4: 

Sub-action 2: Educational and training of stakeholders in sustainable grassland management in accordance to the aims and the results of the project

Organization of the seminar that was held in Gorgopotamos in June (13, 14 and 15). The seminar was successful and more than 40 people attended the seminar. During the seminar experts of ARCTUROS distributed 3 Greek Shepherd Dogs to local stock breeders.

Action F.5: 

A four-day LIFE networking visit from 27 to 30 May 2019 was organized by the project. During this visit 9 experts form Slovenian Forestry Services and 3 experts from the University of Zagreb representing 2 LIFE projects had the opportunity to meet and discuss with colleagues and partners from Greece involved in the implementation of LIFE projects. Twenty global executives made up of Foresters, Biologists, Veterinarians, and Agricultural Engineers from Slovenia, Croatia and Greece had the opportunity to present their work (7 LIFE projects co-funded by European and national resources). During this visit the Slovenian and Croatian experts visited the facilities of ARCTUROS in Nymfaia and Agrapidia and they informed about the Actions that have been implemented by ARCTUROS in Oiti National Park.

Preparation of the networking meeting that will be held in Rome with the university of Sapienza and ARSIAL (Regional Agency for Agriculture and Forestry of the Lazio Region). 4 experts of Region of Sterea Ellada will visit ARSIAL and Sapienza University in order to present the project and get informed about ARSIAL’s LIFE projects in particular and their activities about the protection of the environment in general. This activity has not been foreseen in the budget of RST, but taking in account that there is an amount remaining from Actions C.1 and C.6 and the fact that networking is under the objectives of the project. The project team of RST decided to organize this networking visit.

July, 2019

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